Our Boats

Our Boats

Experience Premier Lake Michigan and Green Bay Fishing and Duck Hunting with Fowl Dawgs LLC's Fleet

Fowl Dawgs LLC is your ultimate destination for unforgettable fishing charters on Lake Michigan and duck hunting adventures on Lake Michigan and Green Bay.  The fleet, including “Fowl Dawgs Peaches Pride” and the “Gray Goose,” will enhance your outdoor experience in the waters of Lake Michigan and Green Bay.

Fowl Dawgs Peaches Pride: A Lake Michigan Charter Fishing Jewel

The flagship, “Fowl Dawgs Peaches Pride,” is a 36-foot, 1980 Chris Craft Commander, a gem among Lake Michigan fishing boats. Tailored for the dynamic conditions of Lake Michigan, this vessel offers ample space for anglers to relax and enjoy their fishing trip. Equipped with twin 454 engines (rebuilt in 2021) and state-of-the-art fishing technology like radar, GPS, fish finders, and an advanced fish hawk system, Peaches Pride is a top choice for those seeking the best Lake Michigan salmon fishing and trout adventures. Its spacious deck and comprehensive 18-rod setup ensure an unparalleled fishing charter experience.

The Gray Goose: Your Go-To for Green Bay Duck Hunting & Fishing Trips

For those passionate about duck hunting on Green Bay or seeking a more personalized fishing experience, our custom-built "Gray Goose" is the answer. This 21-foot layout hunting tender, transformed from a Sylvan Offshore model, is reinforced with an all-aluminum frame and flooring, making it ideal for both duck hunting and walleye fishing. Powered by a robust 140 hp Suzuki engine, the Gray Goose is not just about functionality; it's about ensuring a safe and successful hunting or fishing journey.