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Lighthouse Tours, Sightseeing Tours & Specialty Services

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Racine County Lighthouse Boat Tours

Fowl Dawgs' lighthouse tours are an experience you won't forget. As Captain Mike navigates through Racine Harbor, the Racine Harbor Lighthouse comes into view. Transitioning from the river to the lake, you'll see the Breakwater Lighthouse. The lighthouse tour then heads north along the beach, where the Lake Michigan shoreline offers breathtaking views. The Wind Point Lighthouse is up next, providing a perfect photo opportunity, showcasing the lighthouse as it's best seen from the water.

Captain Mike then steers southeast towards the historic Racine Reef Lighthouse. For those on our extended tour, the adventure continues to Kenosha. On the way back north to Racine Harbor, you'll get another chance to see all six lighthouses, making it a memorable trip for lighthouse lovers and explorers alike.

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Racine County Area Lighthouses

Racine Harbor (Root River) Lighthouse

The Racine Harbor (Root River) Lighthouse, located in Racine, Wisconsin, has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1839. Initially, it was a conical structure, standing over 28 feet tall with a light that flashed every ninety seconds. In 1858, it was upgraded with a fifth-order Fresnel lens, enhancing its visibility. The lighthouse underwent several transformations, including the construction of a new yellow brick lighthouse in 1866 and various repairs and modifications over the years. The Racine Harbor Lighthouse played a crucial role in guiding mariners safely into the harbor, especially with its strategic position near a dangerous reef. It was eventually discontinued in 1901, but its legacy as a vital navigation aid and a historical landmark remains significant. Today, the lighthouse and adjacent old life-saving station building are part of the National Register of Historic Places, reflecting its importance in maritime history.

Racine Breakwater Lighthouse

The Racine Breakwater Lighthouse, a notable landmark in Wisconsin, has a rich history dating back to 1838 when the first lighthouse was built in Racine. Over the years, as the harbor developed, various lights were added to aid mariners. The original Racine Harbor Lighthouse, established in 1866, was later accompanied by a pierhead beacon in 1872. Significant developments occurred in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including the construction of a detached breakwater and the relocation of the lighthouse to the end of the north pier in 1901. This lighthouse, with its distinctive metal tower, was a crucial navigation aid, especially during storms that often battered the harbor. In 1987, the metal breakwater light was discontinued, but the structure was preserved due to local efforts. Today, it stands as a historical symbol, floodlit at night, with a metal pole serving as the official light for the north breakwater.

Wind Point Lighthouse

The Wind Point Lighthouse, located in the Village of Wind Point in Racine County, is a remarkable landmark for any lighthouse enthusiast. Standing at 108 feet, it's one of the oldest and tallest active lighthouses on the Great Lakes. First lit on November 15, 1880, the lighthouse continues to guide vessels to this day. Visitors can book a tower climb tour to experience breathtaking views from the top. The lighthouse also offers a unique setting for events, with its hall and south lawn area available for rentals, perfect for weddings, parties, and meetings. Additionally, there's a Memorial Brick Garden where individuals or groups can be honored with personalized engravings. This lighthouse is not just a navigational aid but a piece of living history and a picturesque spot for both relaxation and celebration.

Racine Reef Lighthouse

The Racine Reef Lighthouse, located nearly two miles offshore from Racine Harbor, has a rich history as a crucial navigational aid for mariners traveling between Milwaukee and Chicago. Initially marked by a buoy in 1863, the dangerous Racine Reef prompted the construction of a light tower in 1899. This tower was later enhanced in 1901 but struggled with maintenance challenges, especially during winter. Recognizing the need for a more robust solution, a new lighthouse was built in 1906, featuring a castle-like design with modern facilities for keepers. Despite local resistance to its fog signal, the lighthouse served as a vital beacon and home for its keepers until 1961. After its decommissioning, the original picturesque structure was replaced by a simpler, remotely operated light. The Racine Reef Lighthouse's story reflects the evolving needs and technologies in lighthouse design and the enduring importance of these structures for safe navigation.

Kenosha Lighthouse

The Kenosha Lighthouse in Wisconsin, a historic beacon on Simmons Island, offers a captivating stop for Fowl Dawgs LLC's Lighthouse Tours. Originally established in the 1830s with a simple fire atop a tree stump, it was replaced by a federal lighthouse in 1848 and rebuilt in 1858 with a distinctive cylindrical structure and a ten-sided lantern room. The lighthouse, which underwent several modifications over the years, was a vital navigation aid until its deactivation in 1906. Today, beautifully restored and part of the Southport Light Station Museum, it stands as a testament to Kenosha's rich maritime history and the resilience of its community, making it an intriguing destination for lighthouse enthusiasts and history aficionados.

Kenosha Pierhead Lighthouse

The Kenosha Pierhead Lighthouse, a key point for ships on Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has a long history. First set up in 1848 with a simple light, this lighthouse has changed a lot, showing how Kenosha's harbor has grown. The lighthouse we see now, known for its bright red color, was built in 1906 and has been a helpful guide for sailors. Over time, it got new features, like a special lens and a fog signal. This lighthouse isn't just for guiding ships; it's also a place for community and art. In 2011, an artist named John Burhani bought it and turned it into a studio for artists to work and show their art. Now, the Kenosha Pierhead Lighthouse is not just a light for boats but also a symbol of Kenosha's connection to the sea and a center for creativity.

Light house

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