Captain's Report

January Captain’s Log

Published January 7th, 1976 by Fowl Dawgs LLC

Happy birthday to me! 

As I sit here and wrap up our days in Cape Cod, I find myself thinking of the amazing history and landscape of this region and all that I was able to experience on my visit this year. As always, we had great hunting and will have memories to last the rest of my life thanks to the people and places I get to see and go with hunting and fishing. Unlike the usual hunting trip, coming to Cape Cod means that we get to walk the oldest footsteps in the history of our country.

See the oldest monuments and walk the oldest hallways. Eat in the oldest restaurants and see the oldest families in action. The history of the East Coast is far and away the most romantic of our country, and to see the places from the history books of childhood is simply a blessing in itself. Enjoy some pictures from our trip that were not hunting related. The sights and scenes of the old east coast.

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